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Why The Model United Nations Institute is the #1 Rated Model UN Summer Camp


The Model United Nations Institute is the world’s number one rated Model UN Summer Camp. We’ve answered questions from parents just like you who are wondering - what makes us different from other summer camps and why are we considered number one. Let’s dive into what your child will get out of their summer world adventure when they attend the virtual or in-person Model UN Institute. 

What Makes the Model United Institute Different from Other MUN Summer Camps?

We make it fun and easy to learn public speaking and debate skills through practice Model UN simulations and personalized feedback! At the Model UN Institute, we use positive reinforcement to teach students ensuring that they feel safe to be themselves and have a fun summer experience. This year, for the first time ever, the Model UN Institute will be held virtually and in-person for students ages 9 through 18. Students that choose to attend an in-person day or overnight camp will get to experience college life at their dream university campus as they make new friends with like-minded peers and launch their Model UN journey. This summer, our in-person camps are held in Washington, D.C. at Georgetown University, Boston at Boston University, and Los Angeles at UCLA.

What Makes the Model United Nations Institute Different from Other Summer Camps?

Model United Nations is in the 5 top extracurricular activities for kids interested in public speaking and debate, and is a program recognized & run at schools across the globe. Model United Nations is an extraordinary activity in that it helps students gain confidence in public speaking all while making friends with like-minded peers from around the world. Students will gain self-confidence and enhance their social skills as they step into the shoes of global leaders alongside their new friends and learn to diplomatically negotiate & work together to come up with positive solutions to today’s most pressing global challenges.

Unlike other summer camps, the Model United Nations Institute is hosted virtually and in-person at multiple top-rated universities around the United States all summer long. In just 5 days, students will learn about the world through topics drawn straight from today’s news headlines such as the global climate crisis, cybersecurity threats, and more! One major difference between the Model UN Institute and other summer camps is that we firmly believe in the mission of Model UN for all, and offer financial aid to parents & students hoping to get involved. Click here to learn about & apply for our financial aid for in-person programs OR click here to learn more about & apply for financial aid for virtual programs. 

What are the Long-Term Benefits of my Child Attending The Model United Nations Institute? 

Attending the Model United Nations Institute is only the start of your child’s Model UN journey - a world adventure that will open them up to new global perspectives, teach them key skills that are translatable beyond the committee room, and leave them with unforgettable memories & experiences. Everything that they learn in just one week at the Model UN Institute summer camp they’ll be able to take back and utilize in their school’s Model UN program and in the classroom as they hone their research skills, boost their critical thinking & writing abilities, and gain confidence in public speaking & presentation. Students can also continue with Model UN Teams with Best Delegate during the school year in addition to the opportunities offered at school to accelerate their learning. It’s not just about one week of summer, it is all about what comes after that week and the academic & personal growth that your child will experience.

The improvements your child makes in their public speaking and debating skills will help them excel in the classroom and at other Model UN events including Conferences, Model UN Teams, Workshops, and Camps. Students who attend the MUN Institute will arrive at home prepared to take on leadership roles in their school's clubs, and will have the resources & community network to run their own Model UN Club. One week at the Model United Nations Institute... a lifetime of skills, friendships, & fun experiences!

What Activities Will my Child Engage in at The Model United Nations Institute? 

MUN is FUN, and that’s what we’re all about at the world’s #1 rated Summer MUN Camps! Every week will start off with a mini simulation on a casual topic (previous topics have included dream vacations, planning the UN cafeteria, and zoombombers!) that will allow your child to jump straight into things and get to know their new friends & MUN Mentors. Following that first dynamic icebreaker activity, students will be divided into smaller delegations, typically in groups of 10, paired with one expert college-level MUN Mentor to allow them to get to know each other in a small group setting, gain confidence & participate in every activity, and receive personalized feedback from both their mentor & their peers. As the week continues, they’ll frequently return to these small groups for each skill-based activity.

From Monday - Wednesday, your child will be introduced to new, key MUN skills, and will get to practice each of these skills through public speaking games, trivia quizzes, negotiation activities, & more! Some of our favorite public speaking games from previous years include Sell Me This, the Boat Game, I Could NOT Disagree More, & Word Sneak. Thursday & Friday of each week are designed to allow your child and their peers to put their new skills & abilities to the test as they participate in a hands-on MUN simulation, giving them each the opportunity to represent one of the UN’s 193 Member States and work together to diplomatically negotiate on sustainable solutions to save the world! The final simulation is an unforgettable experience, and will leave your child excited to continue to engage with the world around them and today’s pressing challenges even after their week at the MUN Institute has come to a close!

How Large are the Group Sizes at The Model United Nations Institute? 

Workshops, simulations, and classes are structured using small group sizes, which allows for personalized feedback both in-person & virtually, as well as giving your child the opportunity to form closer bonds with their MUN Mentor and their new friends!. Throughout the week, they’ll receive personalized feedback from a champion, college-level MUN Mentor & their peers to help them grow in confidence. We know there's no substitute for a great Mentor - recruited from top universities like Harvard, Yale, Georgetown, UCLA, & McGill, our MUN Mentors are the best at what they do, and they know how to build an incredible MUN Community!

For even more one-on-one time with an expert MUN Mentor, you can consider enrolling your child in Private Coaching, a personalized experience where one of our champion college-level delegates will help your child accelerate their preparation for their upcoming Model UN Conference or upcoming additional week at the MUN Institute as they experience our advancing program levels. Students who enroll in private coaching will have 2 one-hour sessions with a MUN Mentor, with a focus on topics including:

Session 1: Public Speaking 

Session 2: Possible Solutions  

For students who are attending a Virtual MUN Camp, their sessions will happen during the week of their camp on Tuesday and Wednesday before or after class, and for students attending an in-person Camp, their sessions will occur virtually the week or two before they arrive. For more information on private coaching sessions click here! 

The benefits and takeaways are full of endless possibilities for your child at the Model UN Institute! We know that selecting the perfect MUN Institute Summer Camp involves a lot of consideration, and we’ve got resources to help parents like you find the best-fit choice for your child:


We can’t wait to welcome your child to the world’s #1 rated Summer MUN Camp, and to help them launch a life-changing journey through Model UN!