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What is Model United Nations?

Top 5 Reasons for Students to do Model UN This Summer

1. Step into the shoes of world leaders 

Have fun doing Model UN this summer! Students love role-playing as different countries every week and saving the world together!

2. Discuss and debate current events 

Model UN provides an educational space for students to discuss and debate current events. Topics this summer include: climate change, racial justice, and conflicts in the Middle East.

3. Make new friends who care about the world

Meet your community! Model UN connects like-minded students from around the world who are curious and passionate about solving global issues. 

4. Build confidence in public speaking

Model UN helps students build confidence in public speaking, debating, communication, and teamwork as they prepare for a future that will require those skills virtually and in-person.

5. Learn to lead from our College MUN Mentors 

Our MUN Mentors are all leaders at the college level and love providing personalized feedback to Bring Out the Best in every student we work with.

Ready to do Model UN This Summer?

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Model UN simulations follow 5 key stages:

  • Research: Students research assigned topics, countries, and committees
  • Debate: Students make speeches to explain their country’s policy on the topic
  • Negotiate: Students meet with one another to form small groups and work together
  • Resolutions: Students write out the problems they want to solve and their proposed solutions
  • Action: Students vote on their resolutions

By participating in Model United Nations, students learn:

  • What are the biggest challenges facing the world today
  • How to be more self-confident, especially with public speaking
  • How to interact with other people who come from different backgrounds and perspectives
  • How to work as a team to achieve shared goals
  • How to take action to solve problems, on a local, national, and global scale