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Model UN Club Accelerator 

Starting a MUN Club Made Easy

10 hours with an Expert MUN Mentor & resources for teachers
and student leaders to jumpstart your new MUN Club

  • Set up your student leadership team
  • Plan your MUN year
  • Recruit new club members 
  •  Train new club members  
  • Be ready to go to MUN conferences 
  • Practice your skills at your Training Conference
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Session 1

Set Your Leadership Team and MUN Club up for Success with our
2-Hour Planning Call!

Session 2

Train Your Students in the Fundamentals of MUN at Your Club’s
3-Hour MUN 101 Workshop!

Session 3

Step into the Shoes of World Leaders & Practice Your Skills at Your
5-Hour Club Training Conference!

Club Mentorship Program

Session 1: Set Your Leadership Team Up for Success!

The Student Leaders and Advisor for the new MUN Club will meet virtually for two hours with our MUN Expert on:

  • How to start a Model UN Club
  • Student Leader and Advisor roles 
  • How to recruit students to MUN 
  • How to run club meetings  
  • How to plan your first year  

And clubs will receive our World Class Resources:

  • Club Operating System 
  • Student Leader Manual 
  • Advisor Manual
  • Practice Simulation Guide & Placard Set
  • Resource Videos & Worksheets

Session 2: MUN 101 Training Workshop

All students will meet for a 3-hour, virtual fun introduction to Model UN:

  • Learn the fundamentals of MUN and basic MUN procedure 
  • How to make an opening speech and practice public speaking activities 
  • How to write a MUN resolution to save the world 
  • Get your country assignments and background guide for the Training Conference 

Session 3: Practice at Your Club’s Private MUN Training Conference

All students will meet for a 5-hour, virtual fun Model UN simulation:

  • Be guided step-by-step for your first Model UN experience
  • Represent a country and debate a world issue
  • Make an opening speech
  • Experience a fun and engaging MUN simulation 
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Learn from a Model UN rockstar

Passion for world issues. Expertise in Model UN. A personality that brings out the best in your child.

With 10+ years of professional Model UN experience, we know there's no substitute for a great Mentor.

Recruited from top universities like Harvard, Yale, Georgetown, UCLA, and McGill, our MUN Mentors are the best at what they do.

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MUN Club Accelerator Program Fee

The Club Accelerator Program fee to help your MUN Club get started is $1,500. 

The fee includes: 

  • Best Delegate-certified MUN Mentor
  • 2-hours mentoring session with Student Leaders and Advisor
  • 3-hour MUN 101 Training Session for up to 40 students
  • 5-hour MUN Training Conference for up to 40 students 
  • World-class Best Delegate MUN digital learning materials including our Club operating System, Student Leader Manual, Advisor Manual, Practice Simulation Guide, Placard Set,  Resource Videos, and Worksheets 
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Suggested Funding Sources for New MUN Clubs

Student Leaders and the Advisor are first suggested to look into different school funds, Parent Teacher Association funds, or extracurricular funds to start their club.

After-school clubs commonly charge students a fee to join, and this program’s fees can be packaged into the club fee. For example, a club with 30 students could set a fee of $50 per student to cover the cost of the MUN Accelerator program.

Lastly, student leaders can do a fundraiser or ask for sponsorship from champion parents, local businesses, community organizations, or foundations. 

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Why We Love Model United Nations

High School Teacher

"The Virtual MUN program has really helped our students' competence and public speaking skills. I think it will translate into good skills for them to have in the workplace tomorrow."

High School Student

"My favorite part is meeting new people and being able to engage with them in conversations about diplomacy. It's nice to have a place where you can talk to like-minded individuals and learn with them."

MUN Mentor

"I love to see student's peers compliment them, they will say you really improved in your tone and the way you are speaking and those compliments really helps raise their confidence."

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