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Virtual MUN Institute

Learn the skills to lead in a changing world.

Learn Model United Nations this summer! Students will enhance their public speaking and debate skills, learn about world issues and different countries, make new friends, and gain the confidence to lead -- all from the comfort of home. Beginner to advanced training camps are available for ages 9-18.


A Week at the Virtual Model UN Institute

Virtual MUN InstituteThe Virtual Model United Nations Institute prepares students to lead in a changing world. Students will practice their public speaking and debating skills, learn to negotiate diplomatically, and come up with solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.

In one week, students will step into the shoes of a world leader and enjoy 15 hours of live classes facilitated by our Model UN Mentors. Classes include a mix of skill-building exercises and fun activities such as current events trivia and UN jeopardy.

To help students learn and connect with each other, students will be placed into breakout groups of 10 or fewer students where MUN Mentors will lead public speaking practice and provide personalized feedback. The week culminates in a final Model United Nations simulationStudents earn a Certificate of Completion at the end of the week. 

All programs take place Monday to Friday from 1-4pm Eastern Time (10am-1pm Pacific Time)A typical week will look like this:

  • Monday: Students start with icebreakers and jump straight into a Warm-up Debate. Students learn about the United Nations and research different countries.
  • Tuesday: Students will get personalized feedback on public speaking structure. They learn how to negotiate and collaborate on Model UN resolutions.
  • Wednesday: Students practice their public speaking style and engage in impromptu debate exercises. They learn Model UN procedure and prepare for the simulation.
  • Thursday: The Model UN simulation begins! Students make Opening Speeches, debate different issues within the topic, and form alliances.
  • Friday: The week culminates on the final day of the Model UN simulation! Students draft and present their resolutions and vote on which solutions will save the world!

Updates VMUNI Programs 1

Updated VMUNI programs 2  

High School students who want to enroll in multiple weeks should consider these program combinations:

  • Diplomat June 22-26, Crisis June 29 - July 3, and Ambassador July 6-10
  • Diplomat June 22-26, Ambassador July 6-10, and Crisis July 13-17
  • Diplomat July 13-17, Ambassador July 20-24, Crisis July 27-31, and Student Leadership August 3-7

Middle School students who want to enroll in multiple weeks should consider these program combinations:

  • Junior Diplomat June 22-26 and Junior Ambassador June 29 - July 3
  • Junior Diplomat July 13-17, Junior Ambassador July 20-24, and Junior Crisis July 27-31

Tuition for the Virtual MUN Institute  

MUN InstituteProgram Tuition: Tuition is $399 each week for all programs (except Crisis). The tuition covers the cost of staffing the live training camps for 15 hours at a 10:1 ratio for personalized feedback, the extensive Model UN learning resources that will be provided throughout the program, and the certificate of completion. 

Crisis Tuition: The Crisis program tuition is $499 each week as it requires additional staff to deliver an exciting, real-time crisis simulation.

Private 1-on-1 Coaching Add-On: Students can opt for private, 1-on-1 coaching and feedback on public speaking, debate, research, and negotiation skills during or after the Virtual Model UN Institute. The coaching will help students build a well-rounded skill set to lead their peers and succeed in Model UN. Private coaching is $60 per one-hour session, with a minimum package of two hours.

Group Enrollment: If you have a group of 10 or more students that would like to enroll and pay together, or would like us to facilitate a private Virtual Model United Nations Institute training program at the dates and time of your choice please Contact Us.


Meet the Virtual MUN Institute Teachers

Best Delegate is a global education company that has provided online Model UN resources to more than 3 million participants including the weekly Model UN Online Debates. It runs the in-person Model UN Institute for nearly 1,000 students every summer. Our Virtual MUN Institute teachers are all of the same staff from our Model UN Institute! Meet just a few outstanding members of our team below!

Virtual Model UN Institute MUN Mentors

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