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Virtual Model United Nations Conferences (VMUNC)

Welcome to the Best Delegate Virtual Model United Nations Conferences (VMUNC)! 

VMUNC is a reimagined series of one-day virtual Model UN conferences throughout the school year meant to encourage students to learn and practice their public speaking, debate, negotiation, and team leadership skills. Students will represent different countries or world leaders and will be challenged to work with others to solve real world issues. 

We invite Faculty Advisors, Students, and Parents to read below to learn more about the MUN Training Conferences, the MUN Invitationals, and the MUN Tournament of Champions. VMUNC has committees for high school students (ages 14-18) and middle school students (ages 11-13)

Once a club has decided which conferences they want to attend, every advisor must register (at no cost) and every delegate must register and pay individually. Click the link below to register! Register by October 15th to attend the November conferences!

VMUNC Registration Button


Conference Levels and Dates

MUN Training Conferences for Beginner & Intermediate Delegates

MUN Training Conferences are meant to guide high school and middle school beginners with their first Model UN experience, and are also good refreshers for intermediate delegates. 

November 14 - Click Here to Learn More

December 13 - Click Here to Learn More

January 16 - Click Here to Learn More

February 21 - Click Here to Learn More

March 13 - Click Here to Learn More

MUN Invitationals for Intermediate & Advanced Delegates

MUN Invitationals are MUN conferences meant for high school and middle school intermediate delegates and advanced delegates to work with experienced delegates and challenge their skills in GA or Crisis committees.

East Coast MUN Invitational (ECMUNI): November 21 - Click Here to Learn More

West Coast MUN Invitational (WCMUNI): December 12 - Click Here to Learn More

Southern MUN Invitational (SMUNI): January 23 - Click Here to Learn More

Midwest MUN Invitational (MMUNI): February 20 - Click Here to Learn More

Canada MUN Invitational (CanMUNI): March 20 - Click Here to Learn More

USA MUN Invitational (USAMUNI): April 17 - Click Here to Learn More

MUN Tournament of Champions for Advanced Delegates 

The MUN Tournament of Champions showcases the best high school and middle school advanced delegates competing for awards. Students must qualify for the TOC by receiving an award at Qualifying Conferences.

Best Delegate Model UN Tournament of Champions (TOC): May 22-23 - Click Here to Learn More

The Best Delegate Difference

Best Delegate is the world’s leading Model UN organization. Best Delegate has provided online resources for over 3 million Model UN participants and has run virtual Model UN programs for over 2,700 students since the beginning of COVID-19. Advisors, Students, and Parents trust us to “Bring Out the Best” in our delegates during our Virtual MUN Conferences. 

VMUNC Conference Values 

Learning Objectives

Model United Nations seeks to empower students to solve international issues through research, public speaking, negotiation, written solutions, and rules of procedure. In addition, Best Delegate emphasizes the diplomatic style of debate and leadership in MUN where students Bring Out the Best in each other.

VMUNC Learning Objectives

Certificates & Awards


Delegates will earn a personalized Certificate of Completion for every conference they attend. 

Individual Delegate Awards

Best Delegate Gavels

Delegates who demonstrate a strong performance of the Learning Objectives will be recognized with individual delegate awards. The awards are:  

  • Best Delegate (given to 1 winner)
  • Outstanding Delegate (given to the top 20% of committee)
  • Honorable Mention (given to the next 20% of committee)

Best Delegate winners at the MUN Invitationals and MUN Tournament of Champions will receive a Gavel (mailed only to students residing in the USA or Canada).

School Delegation Awards

The top schools or teams who have multiple award winners will be recognized with delegation awards at the advanced-level MUN Invitationals and the MUN Tournament of Champions. 

Qualification for the MUN Tournament of Champions

Delegates must qualify for the Tournament of Champions by receiving an award at any of the MUN Invitationals hosted by Best Delegate, or by receiving an award from a pre-approved list of advanced conferences. See the Tournament of Champions page for more details.  

    Conference Fees

    Delegate Fees include a professionally trained Chair to facilitate the MUN committee, a background guide written by Best Delegate staff, and the Certificate of Completion. Delegate fees are $25 per student per day. (Note: students already enrolled in the Virtual MUN Institute do not need to pay any conference fees to attend any of the conferences.) 

    Advisors and Chaperones can attend for at no cost

    Scholarships are available for Schools designated as Title I low income schools. Please use the Contact Us form to apply for a scholarship. 

    Private Conferences: If you would like us to facilitate a private Virtual MUN Conference for your group at a date and time of your choice, please Contact Us.

    Complete the Registration Process Individually

    Advisors: Register yourself for at no cost! Then, share the registration link with all your students to register by the 15th! You’ll receive a full roster of all the registered students and the country assignments on the 22nd of the month for you to confirm.

    Parents and Students: Register and pay individually by the 15th. You’ll receive your Google Classroom with country assignment, background guide, and committee Zoom link after the Advisor confirms the full roster for the club by the 1st of the next month.


    VMUNC Registration Process

    VMUNC Registration Button