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Virtual Model United Nations Conferences (VMUNC)

Welcome to the Best Delegate Virtual Model United Nations Conferences (VMUNC)

VMUNC is a series of one-day virtual Model UN conferences throughout the school year that help students learn and practice their public speaking, debate, negotiation, and leadership skills. Students will represent different countries or world leaders and will be challenged to work with others to solve real world issues.
We invite Faculty Advisors, Students, and Parents to read below to learn more about the different VMUNC levels. There are MUN conferences for students ranging from grades 5-12, and MUN conferences that cater to different experience levels. 

Save the Dates for 2021-2022!

All conferences take place from 12-6pm Eastern time. This enables delegates from throughout the USA and Canada time zones to participate together. 

Best Delegate Virtual Model United Nations Conference

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What will Model UN look like in 2021-2022?

Global citizens will need to succeed in both virtual and in-person interactions in the future, so the best preparation is to build public speaking, debating, negotiation, and teamwork skills in both formats today. 

At Best Delegate, we believe the future of Model United Nations will comprise a mix of virtual MUN conferences and in-person MUN conferences. The combination of both formats will help students build the confidence and community they need to succeed. 

We recommend MUN clubs build a schedule with a mix of both types of conferences, or to add more virtual MUN conferences to their schedule to create accessible opportunities for their students. 

Our conferences are 100% virtual and low-cost so that MUN clubs can easily add it into next year's conference schedule. Use our conferences to help new students learn Model UN and help experienced students hone their Model UN skills. And for schools located in areas where attending in-person Model UN conferences is not feasible, then our virtual conferences provide a high quality and accessible Model UN experience.

Why participate in the Best Delegate Virtual MUN Conferences? 

Best Delegate Model United Nations Virtual Conference

The Best Delegate Virtual MUN Conferences sold out every month last year! There are inherent advantages to what a virtual MUN conference can offer. Here’s why they are here to stay! 

Best for Practice and Feedback: Best Delegate Virtual MUN Conferences are great for getting practice and feedback, particularly in preparation for in-person conferences or for students who want to go above and beyond what’s offered at their school or local conferences. Students will be receiving feedback from their Chairperson, a top college Model UN leader hired by Best Delegate for their expertise and experience in bringing out the best in others. 

Best for Connecting with the World: There’s no easier way to meet like-minded students from around the world than through a Best Delegate Virtual MUN conference! The Virtual MUN conferences are also more accessible in terms of date availability, debate topic variety, and cost and time for lodging and transportation. Students can sign up on their own even if their school is not attending. 

Best for a Professional Experience: Best Delegate makes it easy to do Model UN. Advisors can trust a professional organization putting on a high quality conference and responding quickly to inquiries. Parents can easily register and pay through our system. And our world-class training and curriculum ensures students receive a consistently high-quality and educational MUN conference experience every time.

The Best Delegate Difference

Best Delegate is the world’s leading Model UN organization. Best Delegate has provided online resources for over 3 million Model UN participants. Advisors, Students, and Parents trust us to “Bring Out the Best” in our delegates during our Virtual MUN Conferences. Here’s why!

 Best Delegate Virtual Model United Nations Conferences

Conference Schedule

All conferences take place from 12-6pm Eastern time.

Eastern Time Committee Proceedings
12:00 - 2:30 PM Students make their opening speeches, debate the issues, and start forming teams to solve the issues together
2:30 - 3:00 PM Take a meal or snack break to meet each other!
3:00 - 5:30 PM Students finalize drafting their proposed solutions, present and debate about them, and vote on them
5:30 - 6:00 PM Students receive feedback from the staff. Top performing delegates receive awards. The day ends with networking games for students to stay connected.

Conference Fees

Best Delegate Virtual Model United Nations Conferences

Delegate fees cover the cost to professionally create a fun and world-class Virtual Model United Nations Conference experience designed to facilitate active participation and a fun space for students to meet each other. It covers the cost of everything that goes into organizing and staffing a Model UN conference, plus new Best Delegate resources that students will be receiving to prepare for the conference:

  • An expert Model UN Chair to facilitate the MUN Conference 
  • Professional organizing team and communications team 
  • Best Delegate-written Background Guide 
  • Certificate of Completion 
  • Delegate awards (for top performing delegates). 
  • Receiving a delegate award also qualifies a delegate for the Model UN Tournament of Champions
  • New: Step-by-step guidance at the Training Conferences
  • New: Feedback in the Advanced and Crisis Conferences
  • New: Best Delegate MUN Guide
  • New: Best Delegate Awards Criteria

The Crisis Conference has a higher delegate fee to cover the cost of additional crisis staffers needed to deliver an exciting, real-time crisis simulation. The Tournament of Champions also has a higher delegate fee to cover the cost of providing additional judges needed to evaluate delegates for awards. 

Virtual MUN Conference Level

Delegate Fee

Elementary School MUN Conference


Middle School MUN Training Conference 


Middle School Advanced MUN Conference


High School MUN Training Conference


High School Advanced MUN Conference


High School Crisis MUN Conference


Tournament of Champions


Private MUN Conference (for 15-30 delegates)


Advisors and Chaperones
: can register to observe at no cost. 

Financial Aid: is available for Schools designated as Title I low income schools. Please use the Contact Us form to apply for financial aid.  


Registration for all Virtual MUN Conferences opens in August. The deadline to register for each conference is on the 15th in the month prior to the conference. For example, all October conferences have a registration deadline of September 15th

Please note our conferences frequently sell out before the registration deadline so if you want to guarantee your space, please register early! Every conference sold out during every month last year.

Please fill out the Interest Form in the meantime to express your interest in registering. You’ll be the first to know when registration opens! 

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