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Amplifying Black Voices in Model United Nations: Virtual Student Panel

On Monday, June 8th at 4PM Eastern, we will be hosting a virtual panel of Black Model UN student leaders to discuss pathways to racial justice. 

The murder of George Floyd and other members of the Black community, coupled with police violence, shows the need for understanding about racism, inequity, and injustice.

Historically, Black students and students of color have been severely underrepresented in Model United Nations in the United States at all age levels. What instances of racism have Black students faced in Model UN? Is Model UN accessible to Black communities? How are Black student leaders responding to the latest calls for justice?

This event is open to all high school and college MUN participants, including students, advisors, and conference organizers, to listen and learn from Black student leaders in Model UN at the high school and college levels. 


This panel will be moderated by Jamey Battle, a rising senior at UCLA and Head Delegate for UCLA's traveling Model UN team.

Top Row, Left to Right: 

  • Madison Glenn-Lawson, St. Vincent-St. Mary High School '20
  • Jamey Battle, UCLA '21 - Panel Moderator
  • Miles Nabritt, Bates College '21

Bottom Row, Left to Right: 

  • Vyette Tiya, American University '19
  • Nathan Snipes, St. Vincent-St. Mary High School '20
  • Sarai Leon, Florida International University '22
  • Momona Hadish, DC International School '21 

Among their discussion points:

  • Is this a single movement? Either way, who are the leaders and what are the end goals?
  • How do the roles of the media & social media differ during this time? Do you believe that they each serve a purpose? A different purpose? Are they executing their roles effectively?
  • Who opposes these movements? Why? And how do we deal with those people who might sometimes be our classmates, parents, or friends?
  • How do we navigate our emotions, safety, and effectiveness as catalysts for social change amidst COVID-19 and heightened tensions in our country? Should we be projecting our anger outwards or suppressing it to be levelheaded?
  • To what extent have states been militarized and increasingly policed during these times? What specific steps can we take to stay safe amidst the heightened scrutiny and violence?
  • Are looters on our side?
  • Personal narratives within experiences in MUN, outside MUN, and other positions as Black students

This event is free - click here to register to attend the virtual panel!

Support efforts to achieve racial justice - if you are able, please consider donating to these organizations and funds.