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Welcome to Model United Nations Teams! 

Hi Families, Welcome to Model UN Teams! We are so excited to have you join us for the 2022-2023 school year.

On this page you can: 

  • Watch our Welcome video to learn more about MUN Teams! 
  • Meet the Program Managers and your MUN Teacher! 
  • Get the Zoom Links for your Class
  • & See our Calendar for the year 

Welcome Video from Georgina our MUN Teams Program Manager

Meet Our Program Leaders

Georgina Kenchington

MUN Teams Manager

Georgina Kenchington is the Model UN Community Manager at Best Delegate. Georgina started her MUN journey in 8th Grade and never looked back - she now has over 10 years of Model UN experience, and loves finding new & creative ways to share the activity’s positive impacts with the Best Delegate community!

Georgina returned to Best Delegate as Model UN Mentor & Program Manager in April 2020 after being evacuated from the Peace Corps during the COVID-19 pandemic, and has been constantly inspired by the champion students, parents, & teachers she’s had the opportunity to connect with since. Georgina first worked with Best Delegate as a MUN Mentor for the MUN Institute in 2017 & 2018.

Georgina was the Conferences Coordinator & Head Delegate of Georgetown University’s Model UN Team, consistently ranked in the top 10 teams in North America, and participated in MUN conferences across the country & globe. She also served as the dUSG of ECOSOCs at NAIMUN LIII, USG of the USNSA at NAIMUN LIV, USDG of the UKNSA at NAIMUN LV, Director-General of the Global Leaders’ Summit, and Director-General of the inaugural NAIMUN China.

Georgina graduated from Georgetown University with a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service in International Politics, concentrating in International Security. Since then, she’s spent a year in Hyderabad, India working with experiential learning platforms and continuing to teach Model UN, volunteered with women’s cooperatives in Morocco, and served as a Youth in Development Volunteer with the Peace Corps in Thailand. She absolutely believes none of this would have been possible without Model UN!

Outside of MUN, Georgina is pursuing a Master’s Degree in International Education at NYU and spends the vast majority of her time buried in readings or debating them with her classmates. If she manages to find free time, she can probably be found attempting to finish a novel, biking in Central Park, or looking for the best bagel place in NYC.

Madeleine Northfield

Operations Manager

Madeleine Northfield is the Operations Manager at Best Delegate. With 10 years of Model UN Experience, Madeleine helps bring out the best in Best Delegate students, staff and parents.

Madeleine manages all of Best Delegate’s programs and conferences. She works with nearly 30 staff to bring educational and engaging programs to thousands of students around the world.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Madeleine helped transition the Model UN Institute online, creating a virtual experience for students to learn MUN from the safety of their own home. Madeleine first started working with Best Delegate in 2018, working as a MUN Mentor for the MUN Institute and Program Manager for the Virtual MUN Institute in 2020.

Madeleine was the President of the International Relations Association at McGill University, one of the only youth led Non-for-Profits to have consultative status at the United Nations Economic and Social Council. Prior to that Madeleine served as the President of the Model UN Team at McGill, one of the top 15 teams in North America. She has competed at over 50 conferences around the world as a delegate and organizer.

Madeleine graduated from McGill University with a Joint Honours Bachelor’s degree in African Studies and International Development, with a minor in Economics.

Outside of MUN, Madeleine enjoys exploring new places, cooking Asian cuisines and spending time with her kitten, Hagrid. Madeleine lives in Montreal, Canada.

Meet the MUN Teachers

Bella Newell

Hi everyone! My name is Bella Newell and I am a current Senior at Boston University studying International Relations and Political Science, with focus tracks in Foreign Policy and Security Studies and African politics. I have been involved in Model UN since my Freshmen year of college and have competed over 20 times! I previously served as the Head Delegate of the MUN@BU team for the 2021-2022 year, and now serve as the President of the BU International Affairs Association. I’ve also staffed both BARMUN and BOSMUN in secretariat and dias positions (I love Crisis Directing Ad Hoc the best). Outside of MUN I love cooking, sewing, and running in Brookline. I love Model UN so much and cannot wait for this next year!

Maddie Amberg

Hi everyone! My name is Maddie Amberg and I’m a senior at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN! I’m majoring in Political Science and American Studies and have been the Head Delegate for the Vandy MUN team since fall 2021! I’ve been doing Model UN since high school and have loved competing both in-person and online (unpopular opinion lmao) which is why I was so excited to have the chance to work with Best Delegate this year! When I’m not doing MUN I can usually be found working with brands (I’m an ambassador for PINK, Bumble, Kendra Scott, and HBO!), (re)watching Law & Order and Dance Moms, or getting Indian food at this crazy good place down the street from my apartment! I’m SO excited to get work with all of you this year!!

Ellie White

Hello guys! My name is Ellie White (she/her) and I am a Sophomore at American University studying International Relations and History! I have been competing with the AUMUN team since I was a freshman, and serve as an Under-Director General for AmeriMUNC, our school's highschool conference! I am also a Director of UNESCO for the National High School Model UN (NHSMUN) Conference! Outside of Model UN, I am a staff writer for the Eagle, American University's student run newspaper! I am also obsessed with my sister's cat, Cupcake, and my dog, Tinker. I can't wait to work with you all this year!

Sydney Steger

Hi! My name is Sydney Steger (she/her), and I am so excited to be working with MUN Teams this year! I am originally from New Hampshire, but currently live in Boston. I am a rising senior at Boston University, studying International Relations, with focuses in Asia and International Systems. I have been doing MUN for almost 7 years, as a high school delegate, and now a member of my university’s team, and I will be one of BU’s Head Delegates next year! In my free time, I really enjoy karaoke, bullet journaling, and video games (especially Nintendo). I worked as a Diplomacy Fellow this summer, and I am so excited to be back with Best Delegate!

Sesa Doshi

Hello everyone! My name is Sesa Doshi (she/her) and I am a junior studying environmental sciences on the premed track at the University of Western Ontario (Canada 🍁 ) I am actually from New York but I moved to Canada about 10 years ago! I have been doing Model UN since my freshman year in high school, almost 7 years now and I currently am the USG of logistics for my school’s MUN team and a director for UNTOC at NHSMUN-NY! I took a break from competing to join the other side in terms of planning a MUN conference, for some variety. In my free time, I like to talk about my dog Bourbon endlessly and also paint, read, or play Mario/Just Dance on my wii. I worked as a Diplomacy Fellow at VMUNI this past summer and I am super excited to continue working with Best Delegate again

Samah Khandker

Hi everyone! My name is Samah Khandker (she/her) and I am a fourth year Political Science and History student at McGill University. Model United Nations has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember; indeed, throughout the last eight years, I have been granted the opportunity to participate in over 30 conferences either as a participant or as an organizer. Not only that, but I also have served as a MUN Teams Coach, a BDMUNC Chair, and as a Diplomacy Fellow for Best Delegate. Outside of MUN, I can be found attempting to learn how to play chess, reading Harry Potter, and taking pictures of cats. I can’t wait to work with you all!

Sadie J. Testa-Secca

Sadie J. Testa-Secca is a third year student at Florida International University studyingInternational Relations with a concentration in Human Rights, including the Human RightsCertificate. Sadie has been involved in Model UN for seven years, starting her freshman year ofhigh school. She has been a member of the FIU Model UN team the entire time she has studiedat this university, and is proudly to be served as a Head Delegate for the team this past year.Sadie has been a Best Delegate employee for the last two years, teaching students andcreating curriculum! Outside of MUN, Sadie loves art, museums, and writing. She is beyondthrilled to be your MUN Teams leader for this semester!

Zoom Links to join MUN Teams

*Please note we use the same zoom link for every day of the week so if you have to miss your scheduled class one week you can drop into a session on another day of the week.  

Middle School Class Days & Times:

Tuesday 7:30-8:30pm ET,
Wednesday 7:30-8:30pm ET,
Or Sunday 7:30-8:30pm ET

Middle School class link

High School Class Days & Times:

Tuesday 7:30-8:30pm ET,
Wednesday 7:30-8:30pm ET,
Sunday 7:30-8:30pm ET,
Global Team: Sunday 9-10am in NYC ( 3 PM in Qatar, 5:30 PM in India, & 8 PM in China) 

High School class link

* Daylight savings may change the time of the program for you on November 6 and moving forward. Please make sure you are ready to join at the times listed above.  

MUN Teams Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I can’t attend class?
Answer: You can message your instructor to let them know and feel free to drop into another class during the week if you are able to do so. The zoom link is the same for each of our available class days and times.

 What should I do if I can’t attend a conference?
Answer: Please let your MUN Mentor know during class. We have two alternative conference dates available that you would be welcome to attend instead. Our alternative conferences are December 10 and February 11.

What time do the conferences run?
Answer: Conferences run from Saturdays from 12-6pm Eastern For those enrolled in the Sunday 8 am class their conferences will run from 7am-1pm Eastern

Will Daylight savings impact my class time?
Answer: Yes, all class times are listed in U.S. Eastern time zone so if you live outside the U.S.A. please note your class time will shift by an hour on November 6

What leadership opportunities will be available this year?
Answer: Advanced students will have the opportunity to serve as peer mentors, Crisis Staffers, Vice Chairs, and/or develop content for the Model UN community!

Is there any preparation I need to do before my first team session?
Answer: No, there is no required preparation. If you are excited and want to start to learn more about MUN you are welcome to check out our Student Resources Webpage.

Contact Us

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at:
Or give us a call at (646) 308-1411