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Virtual MUN Conference - Advisor Interest Form - 2020-2021 School Year - Virtual Model United Nations Institute by Best Delegate

Virtual MUN Conference - Advisor Interest Form - 2020-2021 School Year

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is an interest form for Advisors. Registration is not complete until your students have submitted registration and payment. Students can register and pay individually through our website by the deadline or advisors can submit a group registration spreadsheet and payment by the deadline for the whole school by emailing


Who Should Complete This Form

  • You are a Teacher who is serving as an Advisor for a MUN Club
  • You are an additional Advisor, Parent Chaperone, or School Administrator who wants to observe your MUN Club
  • Each person should complete a separate Advisor Registration Form

Why You Should Complete This Form

  • Your MUN Club will be considered for Delegation Awards at¬†VMUNC Invitationals
  • You will receive a link to Google Classrooms (we create a separate one for each VMUNC) that contains the Country Matrix, Topic Background Guides, and other preparation materials
  • You will¬†receive¬†instructions for how to¬†watch the different committees during a conference so you can observe all of your students