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Virtual Model UN Institute Private Camps & Group Enrollment 2022

 Best Delegate Model United Nations Private Program

Details for summer of 2023 MUN Camps will be available January, 16. Feel free to read below to learn about our past programs. 

Virtual Model UN Institute Private Camps & Group Overview

  • What to expect: Your group of 10 or more students can enjoy a private Model UN Camp or receive a discount to join our Public MUN Camps
  • Private Camps: Customize your program by selecting your preferred dates, program level, simulation topic, and time of day 
  • Public Camps: Your students can sign up to join any of our available virtual camps 
  • Available Dates: Select your preferred week during summer between June 13 - August 8
  • Time commitment:The program runs Monday-Friday for 3 hours each day


Program tuition covers the cost of staffing the live training camps for 15 hours, the extensive Model UN learning resources that will be provided throughout the program, and the Digital Certificate of Completion. Please note that the Crisis tuition is priced higher as it requires additional staff to deliver an exciting, real-time crisis simulation.

A Summer of Fun, Friends, and Feedback! 

In one week, students will step into the shoes of a world leader and enjoy 15 hours of live programs facilitated by our Model UN Mentors via Zoom. Classes include a mix of public speaking practice with feedback, team-based skill-building activities, and fun icebreakers, trivia, and games so students get to know each other. 

Students prepare for a final Model United Nations simulation at the end of the week! In the Model UN simulation, students will represent different countries and debate and work together to solve a real world issue. Teachers & Parents are welcome to watch the final simulation! Students earn a Digital Certificate of Completion at the end of the week.

By the end of the program, students gain an understanding of how to debate world issues from different country perspectives. More importantly, students get to build the confidence to speak and lead, connect deeper with their new friends, and gain self-awareness from feedback. 

Best Delegate Model United Nations Private Programs

Best Delegate Model United Nations Group Enrollment

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Debate Different World Issues 

New to this Summer are different themes and topics for each program! Students will receive a different country assignment and will be debating a different world issue with like-minded peers during each program. Build a fun and engaging summer by selecting the topic(s) that you find most interesting for your students at each level. 

A Decade of Teaching Model UN

Best Delegate is a global education company with a mission to empower today’s students to become tomorrow’s leaders through Model United Nations. We’re proud to have impacted over 5 million Model United Nations students and teachers worldwide in the past decade. Learn more about our mission and our leadership team.

The Virtual Model United Nations Institute is taught by the top college Model UN leaders who are all passionate about giving back and mentoring younger students. Our staff are not only trained and certified to teach Model UN, but they bring in their own experiences as Model UN delegates themselves and as chairs facilitating fun virtual Model UN simulations. Meet just a few of our past and current team members below!

VMUNI Teachers Best Delegate Model United Nations

Payment Process 

Best Delegate Model United Nations Private ProgramGroups will be given two options after registration: 

  • Group Payment: An invoice will be sent to the group to pay by credit card, wire transfer, or check on behalf of all students in the group. Groups must submit student names at least two weeks before the program starts to ensure all students receive their class links and onboarding materials. 
  • Every parent can pay by credit card individually. The parents will each receive the discount code to use during registration, and will be submitting student names as part of the registration process. This must be done at least two weeks before the program starts to ensure all students receive their class links and onboarding materials. 

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Group Success Stories

Group students, teachers, and administrators are loving our programs! Best Delegate has partnered with numerous organizations, including the United Nations, ministries of education, charter school networks, schools, and other groups to provide Model UN programs over the past decade. Download our Impact Report to see our case studies.

Best Delegate Decade of Impact in Model United Nations

IDEA Public Schools

Best Delegate IDEA Public Schools Model United Nations Partnership

Since 2014 over 500 students and teachers from IDEA Public Schools have attended the MUN Institute (both in person and virtually) and they have brought back the skills they learned and MUN resources to create a MUN league across IDEA Public Schools in Texas.  The program has helped students to improve their leadership, debate and public speaking skills, global awareness, and confidence to increase their college readiness. Learn more from IDEA administrators and students from our latest Impact Webinar!

“MUNI has prepared me for college by giving me a voice. Before MUNI I was afraid to voice my opinion and speak out, now I do just that. Additionally, MUNI has taught me how to improve my research and public speaking skills. As a whole, these are skills that will definitely be useful for me to succeed in not just college, but my future career and life.”

- Dania, IDEA Student

 “Model UN has such an immensely positive impact on our student body, and we’re so excited to continue it. Through it all, the students had smiles on their faces and excitement, enthusiasm, and passion in their demeanor.  We’re working on spreading it to even more schools in the district!”

- Karthik, IDEA MUN Teacher

“Model UN really is such a game changer. It helps students step outside the box and experience new things. I have been really lucky to be partnering with Best Delegate since 2014 to bring Model UN to IDEA. You can just see the impacts of Model UN on skills like public speaking, advocacy, and empathizing.”

- Sarah Wilson, Managing Director of IDEA Alumni Affairs

United Arab Emirates Ministry of Education

Best Delegate Model United Nations UAE Education Partnership

In 2018 and 2019, Best Delegate partnered with the United Arab Emirates’ Ministry of Education for the Diplomatic Ambassadors Program. The partnership brought over 100 aspiring young Emirati diplomats from high schools across the country to attend our Model UN Institute. The student leaders learned about global sustainability, development, human rights, and security. The partnership facilitated life-changing takeaways for each participant, including the ability to represent their culture to the world and gain confidence learning about new perspectives.

"Participating at the MUN Institute programme changed my world. Now I look at other people's perspectives, not only my own, when addressing issues. I will launch MUN club at my school to transfer knowledge to my friends back home."

- Noor, Student from the UAE

"This is one of the most inspiring, informative and engaging training courses. It has fully accomplished its goal of turning me from a teacher with very little knowledge about MUN to a confident MUN teacher."

 - Rania, Educator from the UAE

"The most important thing about a diplomat is to learn about foreign policies of different countries and think critically about issues from multiple perspectives different than their own. The MUN Institute trains them to do exactly that through different simulations."

- Ahlam Al Ahmed, Skills Development Specialist

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