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Top 5 Questions Parents Ask About Model UN

What is Model United Nations?

Model UN is a fun activity that empowers students to solve world issues! Students build confidence in public speaking, debating, and leadership as they step into the shoes of world leaders and work together to find solutions to real world issues.

What is the Model UN Journey?

Students can do Model UN at the elementary school, middle school, high school, and college levels. Model UN helps students get into top colleges and prepares them for careers in law, diplomacy, government, business, and beyond.

How Can My Child Get Started with Model UN?

Your child can start with the beginner level programs at the Virtual Model United Nations Institute this summer: Diplomat, Junior Diplomat, or Mini Diplomat. They will learn fundamental skills and experience their first MUN simulation!

How Can My Child Continue Model UN After Summer?

Your child can participate in Model UN conferences during the school year by joining their school’s Model UN club and/or by joining the Best Delegate Model UN private teams.

What if There is No Model UN Program at My Child’s School?

Your child can start their own MUN club at school, attend conferences as an independent delegate, or join the Best Delegate Model UN private teams during the school year.

Registration Questions

Where do I go to sign up?

Please click on the following links to see what camp is best for your child. 

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at

Can students register for multiple weeks?

Yes, students are highly recommended to do multiple weeks in order to gain a well-rounded understanding of different world issues and country policies. More importantly, students get to build confidence to speak and lead, connect deeper with their new friends, and gain self-awareness from feedback over multiple weeks.  

Can I request for my student to be in the program with their friend?

Yes please list this preference at checkout or if you have already registered please email us at and include FRIEND REQUEST in the subject line.  In the email please include your students name, their friends name, and the program week and level your student is signed up for and we would be happy to place them in the same class if they signed up for the same week and program level. 

Which Grade Level Program is right for my student?

If your school uses a different grade level system than in the US or Canada, we recommend going by age: 

Age by the start of the program

Recommended level to do

Ages 9-11

Entering 5th-6th grade

Ages 12-13

Entering 7th-8th grade

Ages 14-18

Entering 9th-12th grade

Is there a discount for early registration?

Yes, please use code SUMMERMUN21 for $75 off when you register by March 15.

What is the Cancellation / Refund Policy?

All programs are refundable up to 30 days before your scheduled program. Within 30 days of the program all fees paid are non refundable. Please click here to read our full terms and conditions.

Can I switch weeks/programs?

Yes, provided space is still available in the other program.  Please email us at with any requests for program changes and we will be happy to assist you.

Do you offer scholarships/financial aid for students?

Yes, limited financial aid is available for families with demonstrated financial need. Click here to fill out a financial aid application form. 

Program Questions

What are your program's hours?

All of our live virtual programs take place Monday to Friday from 1-4pm Eastern Time (10am-1pm Pacific Time). 

What is the difference between the different summer programs?


New to MUN 


Advanced MUN


College Prep MUN

The Diplomat program guides students who are new to MUN to build fundamental skills in public speaking, debating, representing country policies, forming alliances, and writing resolutions. Each week features a different topic that introduces students to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

The Ambassador program challenges students with MUN experience to build their skills with other advanced MUN students, including public speaking style, debating diplomatically, leading teams, and negotiating resolutions. Each week features an important topic that is challenging to solve at the global level.

The Crisis program is an advanced MUN simulation where students will experience rapid debate and creative problem-solving as they tackle crises that unfold in real time! Students must navigate the political, security, economic, and human rights implications as they determine how to best resolve the crisis. 

Each week we also offer unique global themes and topics. Build a fun and engaging summer by selecting the topics that you find most interesting for your MUN experience level! 

What does a typical week look like? 

A typical week will look like this:

  • Monday: Students start with icebreakers and jump straight into a Warm-up Debate. We’ll practice different public speaking skills every week, and students will get personalized feedback about their public speaking structure, substance, or style! 
  • Tuesday: Students learn how to navigate a practice Model UN debate today. They will make speeches, do rapid moderated debates, form breakout groups of allies, and learn to lead a collaborative team working on solutions to world issues.
  • Wednesday: Students practice their persuasive public speaking and listening skills through a “Shark Tank”-like pitch about their solutions. Students also prepare for the final simulation through one more activity to build up their negotiation and teamwork skills. 
  • Thursday: The Model UN simulation begins! Students make Opening Speeches, debate different issues within the topic, and form alliances to start drafting their resolutions. Parents are welcome to watch the Opening Speeches! 
  • Friday: The week culminates on the final day of the Model UN simulation! Students draft and present their resolutions and vote on which solutions will save the world! Parents are welcome to watch the final Resolution presentations and voting! 

What is the private coaching add on?

Students who want 1-on-1 personalized feedback from MUN Mentors can add on private coaching during any of the weeks they are enrolled in a program. Private coaching includes three 45-minute midweek sessions: practice building key skills related to their personal goals on Tuesday, turn research into their opening speech and talking points for debate on Wednesday, and prepare on how to strategize for the final MUN simulation on Thursday. Students will be prompted to book a time between 9am-12pm or 5-7pm Eastern during their program week.

Will there be homework?

Yes, there will be some short assignments which should take 30 minutes or less to complete such as reading a topic guide or writing a 1 minute speech on a topic. 

How long have you been running summer programs?

Best Delegate began running summer programs in 2012. We have worked with over 5000 students at the MUN Institute over the last decade. 

Where are your programs located?

All of our programs for Summer 2021 will be held online via zoom. In one week of our virtual program, students will step into the shoes of a world leader and enjoy 15 hours of live programs facilitated by our Model UN Mentors. Classes include a mix of public speaking practice with feedback, team-based skill-building activities, and fun icebreakers, trivia, and games so students get to know each other. 

What type of Visa do international students need?

No visas are required as all programs are virtual. 

Adult Staff

Who are the program directors?

The Program Directors are full-time professional Best Delegate Staff. The program is organized by Best Delegate’s full-time staff: Ryan Villanueva, Kevin Felix Chan, Laurabeth Goldsmith, Toni Lawrence, and Madeleine Northfield.

Who are your mentors/teachers?

The MUN Mentors are the best and most inspiring leaders from colleges and universities in North America and beyond. They all go through our extensive training program before providing an engaging learning experience for students.