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Add Private Coaching to Your Program!

Model United Nations Private Coaching

Get Personalized Feedback from MUN Mentors

Students who want 1-on-1 personalized feedback from MUN Mentors can add on private coaching, which takes place during the week they are enrolled in a program.

Private coaching includes three 45-minute midweek sessions:

  • Practice building key skills related to their personal goals on Tuesday
  • Turn research into their opening speech and talking points for debate on Wednesday
  • Prepare on how to strategize for the final MUN simulation on Thursday

Students will be prompted to book a time between 9am-12pm or 5-7pm Eastern. Students may add Private Coaching during every week they are enrolled in a program.

Meet the Model UN Mentors

Best Delegate is a global education company with a mission to empower today’s students to become tomorrow’s leaders through Model United Nations. We’re proud to have impacted over 5 million Model United Nations students and teachers worldwide in the past decade. Learn more about our mission and our leadership team.

The Virtual Model United Nations Institute is taught by the top college Model UN leaders who are all passionate about giving back and mentoring younger students. Our staff are not only trained and certified to teach Model UN, but they bring in their own experiences as Model UN delegates themselves and as chairs facilitating fun virtual Model UN simulations. Meet just a few of our past and current team members below!

VMUNI Teachers Best Delegate Model United Nations

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