MUN Teams Frequent Asked Questions

About Model UN

What do students do in Model UN? Students solve real-world issues from the perspective of a country that they are assigned. Students will have to make speeches, debate, negotiate, write resolutions, and lobby to get them passed. Watch this video to see how it works! 

What do students gain most from Model UN? Students gain confidence in public speaking, debate, and negotiation. Students learn about world issues and feel part of a worldwide community. Students make new friends from around the world. And students become inspired to lead and create change. 

Why do students love doing Model UN? Students love dressing up as world leaders to solve world issues with students from around the world. MUN is fun because it’s one of the most engaging and interactive educational experiences available in the virtual environment. 

How does Model UN help with college applications? Colleges are looking for students who are globally aware and have leadership skills, and these are the exact two qualities that Model UN develops in students. Want to learn more check out this guide on how Model UN prepares students for College. 

How is Model UN different from other debating programs? Model UN is different from Speech & Debate or Mock Trial in that the students have to work in-depth with students from other schools to solve issues together rather than debating against them. Model UN is different from Model Congress or JSA in that it’s focused on world issues rather than on domestic issues. Students also have the opportunity to gain a deep understanding of the topics they discuss over the course of a six hour (or more) conference and view them from the perspective of different countries. 

What is our educational philosophy? Best Delegate seeks to Bring Out the Best in every student. We want to help students gain more confidence than when they started, and we do this through our program design, educators’ mindset, and teachable moments in MUN.  

Who coaches the MUN Teams? Our world-class curriculum is designed by Best Delegate MUN experts, and our programs are taught by the top collegiate Model UN leaders in the country. All staff have been background checked, trained, and certified, and they typically have more experience with facilitating engaging virtual programs than many school teachers have.

Which MUN Team to Join

How is the spring MUN Team different from the summer or fall programs? Students combine the skills they’ve learned over the summer and the knowledge they’ve learned over the fall as they prepare for and participate at top MUN conferences in the spring. 

What is the time commitment? Students attend one hour of MUN team practice per week and may spend an additional hour doing research or preparation on their own. MUN conferences are six hours each. Students are highly recommended to attend all sessions, but may notify staff if they have to miss a session due to personal circumstances or academic conflicts. Refunds are not provided for missed sessions. 

What if my child is already doing MUN at school? They are welcome to join the Best Delegate MUN team to gain additional MUN experience that can help them get ahead and stand out in the future as a MUN delegate or as a student officer for their club. 

Can my child with 0-1 MUN conference experience enroll in an Advanced Team? Students newer to MUN should do the Novice Team. Students learn MUN-specific skills such as the rules of procedure and resolution-writing best at MUN Training Conferences. 

Can a high school student with less than 4 MUN conference experience enroll in the Conference Leadership Team? Students with less experience can enroll if they have attended a prior Virtual MUN Institute or if they have received 2+ awards at MUN conferences. 

Can a high school student enroll in both the Advanced Team and the Conference Leadership Team? Yes! Similar to being in a MUN club, students can simultaneously build their MUN delegate skills and their student leadership skills. They would serve in Conference Leadership roles on March 13 and April 18, and participate as MUN Advanced Team delegates on March 20 and April 17. 

Can students outside the USA or Canada enroll? Yes! Students from all countries are welcome to enroll. Please note that daylight savings time in the USA takes place on March 14th and may shift your class time by an hour if you’re located outside the USA or Canada. Please also note that there is a shipping and handling fee to have T-Shirts sent outside the USA and Canada. 

Can we open a private MUN Team with a day and time zone that works for us? Yes! Private MUN Teams and/or private MUN Conferences can be arranged for groups of 10 or more students. We charge a discounted flat rate of $3500 for a private class with 10-25 students in it. Please contact with any questions. 

Refunds and Cancellations

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Additional Questions?

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