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Model United Nations 101 Workshop

Welcome to MUN 101! In this 3-hour virtual workshop, you will learn the basics of Model UN and prepare for your first MUN Conference.

Students: High School Grades 9-12 (Middle School students may also participate)

Experience Level: New to MUN

Registration Fee: $49

Program: Fundamentals to prepare for your first MUN Conference

Format: Virtual 3-hour workshop

Sessions: March 12, 2021 @ 1-4 PM ET

Free Guide: How to Prepare for Virtual & In-Person Model UN Conferences

Download our new and improved guide for new Model UN students to prepare for their first virtual or in-person Model UN conference!

MUN 101 Workshop

Learn public speaking skills and debate world issues in Model United Nations!

The MUN 101 Workshop is a virtual 3-hour session all about the fundamentals of Model United Nations! Perfect for students who are new to Model UN, this workshop will prepare them to succeed at their first MUN conference.

Registration Deadline for March Workshop: March 10th

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In this program, you will:

  • Learn the fundamentals of MUN including how to write a resolution and basic MUN procedure in 3 hours
  • Learn how to prepare an opening speech and do practice public speaking activities
  • Be inspired by engaging expert MUN Mentors
  • Feel prepared for your first Model UN Conference
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Workshop Curriculum

Workshops run for 3 hours each on March 12th. Both workshops will share the same curriculum taught by expert MUN Mentors. Check out some of the key lessons that will be presented:

  • Intro to Model United Nations Activity
  • Model UN Research
  • Model UN Negotiations - Moderated & Unmoderated Caucuses
  • Writing MUN Resolutions
  • Opening Speech Preparation and Practices
  • Next Steps in MUN Journey

Learn from a Model UN rockstar

Passion for world issues. Expertise in Model UN. A personality that brings out the best in your child.

With 10+ years of professional Model UN experience, we know there's no substitute for a great Mentor.

Recruited from top universities like Harvard, Yale, Georgetown, UCLA, and McGill, our MUN Mentors are the best at what they do.

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Registration Fee

$49 for each 3-hour workshop

Your registration fee includes:

  • Best Delegate-certified MUN Mentor
  • 3 hours of  instruction in Model UN fundamentals
  • World-class Best Delegate MUN learning materials
  • Digital certificate of completion

Limited financial aid is available for students who demonstrate financial need to attend our programs. Learn more and apply here!

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Registration Options

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Registration Closes for the March 12th Workshop on March 10th

What is Model United Nations?

In Model United Nations, students step into the shoes of world leaders working together to solve global challenges. They represent different countries, learn how to research, practice public speaking, and grow into confident student leaders who are prepared for college and their future careers.


Why We Love Model United Nations

High School Teacher

"The Virtual MUN program has really helped our students' competence and public speaking skills. I think it will translate into good skills for them to have in the workplace tomorrow."

High School Student

"My favorite part is meeting new people and being able to engage with them in conversations about diplomacy. It's nice to have a place where you can talk to like-minded individuals and learn with them."

MUN Mentor

"It brings me such joy to see my students go from day one to our last day in class and see their improvement in public speaking and how that's raised their confidence."