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Best Delegate Model United Nations Teams


The MUN Team Experience

Model UN Teams are exactly what they sound like! Students will practice their public speaking skills, build their confidence, and make new friends as they help fellow MUN Team members prepare to represent different countries and debate about real world issues at Model UN conferences.

It’s similar to being on a private sports team where students from different schools get together and compete for awards at national Model United Nations conferences. Any student can join, even if they are already part of their school’s MUN club, to gain additional training and leadership experience that they can bring back to their school’s MUN club!

MUN Teams meet once a week for an hour after school between February 15 - April 23 (ten weeks total) in preparation for two MUN Conferences in March and April. An expert Coach will guide the MUN Team members with training, practice, and personalized feedback on their public speaking, debating, negotiation, resolution-writing, and diplomacy skills. 

MUN Team members will then suit up and step into the shoes of a world leader at each MUN conference. MUN Team members will be challenged to solve real-world issues from the perspectives of the country they will be assigned, and will have to collaborate with students from other schools to come up with in-depth solutions. MUN Team members can earn delegate awards for demonstrating leadership at the MUN conferences.

The semester ends with a MUN Team banquet. MUN Team members will reflect on what they’ve learned and earn their Certificate of Completion. More important, we hope MUN Team members will be able to look back and celebrate all their new accomplishments, new memories, and new friends by the end of the semester! 

Sample Curriculum: 10 MUN Team Meetings to Prepare for 2 MUN Conferences

Week 1: Welcome - Team icebreakers and goal-setting to prepare for the semester

Week 6: Research - dive deeper into research skills to prepare for the April MUN Conference

Week 2: Research - Strategize how to approach research for the March MUN conference 

Week 7: Public Speaking - build your impromptu speaking and debating skills 

Week 3: Public Speaking - learn how to debate diplomatically about controversial topics

Week 8: Negotiation - practice managing teams of countries with different perspectives

Week 4: Negotiation - discover the art of building alliances and navigating social dynamics 

Week 9: Resolutions - learn how to defend, amend, or merge your MUN resolutions 

Week 5: Resolutions - pitch creative and realistic solutions to a MUN Shark Tank 

Weekend: Represent your country and compete in the April MUN Conference! 

Weekend: Represent your country and compete in the March MUN Conference! 

Week 10: Team Banquet to reflect and celebrate the team’s successes and friendships!

Which Model UN Team is Right for You?

All MUN Teams meet once a week between February 15 - April 23 in preparation to participate in two MUN Conferences in March and April. Once you’ve selected the right MUN Team level, choose the day and time that works best for your weekly team meetings. All times are listed in Eastern Standard Time.

High School MUN Teams

Click here to learn more about the High School Beginner MUN Team! Click here to learn more about the High School Advanced MUN Team! Click here to learn more about the High School Leadership MUN Team!

Middle School MUN Teams

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Private Group MUN Teams

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Other MUN Teams Information: 

High school students with 4+ prior MUN conference experience are eligible to enroll in two programs if they want to improve their MUN delegate skills and their MUN chairing skills: the Advanced MUN Team and the MUN Leadership Team. 

Daylight savings time: If you are located outside the US, Canada, or Mexico, please note that daylight savings time occurs on March 14th and may shift your class time locally by an hour. 

Private MUN Teams for a day and time zone that works better: Private MUN Teams and/or private MUN Conferences can be arranged for groups of students, with a minimum of 10 students and a maximum of 25 students per team. Each team is $3500. Groups can contact to learn more.


Meet the MUN Team Coaches

Best Delegate is a global education company that has impacted more than 3 million Model UN participants worldwide in the past decade. Our world-class MUN Teams curriculum is designed by Best Delegate MUN experts to bring out the best in every student. 

Our MUN Teams are coached by the top collegiate Model UN leaders in the country. All Coaches have been background checked, trained, and certified. And all of our Coaches are very experienced with making virtual MUN fun and engaging for students! Meet just a few outstanding members of our team below!


Tuition & Registration

Tuition for the Beginner and Advanced Teams is $399. Tuition includes expert coaching and world-class curriculum for the 10-week MUN Team, MUN learning resources that will be provided throughout the program, attendance at two MUN conferences (twelve hours), a MUN Team T-shirt mailed to the student’s home, and a Certificate of Completion. 

Tuition for the MUN Leadership Team is $499 to enable more time for personalized feedback on chairing skills and style. 

Tuition for Private MUN Teams: $3500. Tuition includes coaching and materials for a group of 10-25 students at a day and time of your choice, attendance at two MUN conferences for every student, MUN Team T-shirts mailed to one location, and Certificates of Completion. The group must be enrolling and paying together in one payment.

Financial aid: Financial aid is available for students who attend Title I schools. Families with an annual household income of less than $40,000 are also eligible for financial aid. Please Contact Us to learn more.

Regular Registration ends on January 31st

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