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Model UN Invitational Conference
For Middle School Students

Build your Model UN skills with other passionate delegates, get feedback from an expert Chair, and win awards!

Students: Middle School Grades 7-8

Experience Level: 2+ MUN Conferences

Registration Fee: $35 Per Student for Each Conference

Location: Virtual

Fall 2021 Dates:
October 24, November 21, December 12

Spring 2022 Dates: January 16, February 20, March 20

Time: 12-6pm US Eastern Time

Model UN Invitational Conference

Build your Model United Nations skills in a committee of passionate MUN delegates and an expert MUN Chair! 

The Best Delegate MUN Training Invitational is a fun and engaging one-day online conference where experienced delegates get to practice their skills and receive feedback. Delegates can win awards, including a gavel.

Next Registration Deadline (January Conference): December 20th
General Registration Deadline: 22nd of the month before each conference

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In this conference, you will:

  • Build Your Public Speaking & Debating Skills
  • Practice Negotiating with Passionate MUNers 
  • Be Led by an Expert College MUN Chair
  • Receive Valuable Feedback from the Chair 
  • Make New Friends through a Fun MUN Conference
  • Be Eligible for a Gavel, Awards, and Certificate
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Conference Schedule

The Best Delegate MUN Invitational Conference is offered multiple times during the year.

Each conference takes place from 12-6pm US Eastern Time.

2021-2022 Conference Dates:

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Time (ET)What to Expect
12:00 - 2:30pm                                        Students make their opening speeches, debate the issues, and start forming teams to solve the issues together
2:30 - 3:00pmTake a meal or snack break to meet each other!
3:00 - 5:30pmStudents finalize drafting their proposed solutions, present and debate about them, and vote on them
5:30 - 6:00pmStudents receive feedback from the staff. Top performing delegates receive awards. The day ends with networking games for students to stay connected.

Conference Topics

Each conference features the topics below. When you register, you will pick one topic to debate.

Conference DateTopic ATopic B
October 24Cybersecurity
November 21The Space Race
Water Rights
December 12Framework for Nuclear Disarmament DealsElimination of Racial Discrimination
January 16CybersecurityProtection of Whistle Blowers
February 20The Space RaceElimination of Racial Discrimination
March 20Water RightsFramework for Nuclear Disarmament Deals
April 24Tournament of Champions:
The Situation in Afghanistan

Learn from a Model UN rockstar

Passion for world issues. Expertise in Model UN. A personality that brings out the best in their committee.

With 10+ years of professional Model UN experience, we know there's no substitute for a great Chair.

Recruited from top universities like Harvard, Yale, Georgetown, UCLA, McGill, our MUN Mentors are the best at what they do.

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Registration Fee

$35 per student for each conference

Your registration fee includes:

  • Best Delegate-certified MUN Chair
  • 6 hours of a MUN Conference 
  • Topic Background Guide
  • World-class Best Delegate MUN learning materials
  • Digital certificate of completion
  • Any awards won. A gavel is mailed to the Best Delegate.
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Private Coaching Optional Add-On

Private Coaching is a 1-on-1 personalized experience where an expert college MUN award-winner helps a student accelerate their preparation for their upcoming Model UN conference.

Students will have 4 one-hour sessions with a MUN Mentor, including:

  • Session 1 (Pre-Conference): Research
  • Session 2 (Pre-Conference): Public Speaking
  • Session 3 (Pre-Conference): Possible Solutions
  • Session 4 (Post-Conference): Debriefing and Reflection

Flexible dates and times allow students to work on their MUN skills on their own schedule, and prepare for their upcoming conference with ease!

Private Coaching is $299 per conference

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How to Register for a Conference

For Students Registering as Individuals

If you are paying for your own Conference Registration Fee, or a Parent/Guardian is paying on your behalf, then please follow the instructions below.

(Or, if a School/Group is paying the Conference Registration Fee on your behalf, then please see "For Students Registering with a School/Group")

Registration Process

Step 1: Select a conference below

Step 2: Complete the registration form

Step 3: Proceed to checkout and make payment

Registration Deadline

Registration generally closes on the 22nd of the month before each conference. We do sell out before the deadline so please register ASAP to guarantee your spot!

After Registration

You can expect conference information, including Zoom links and topic background guides, to be sent via email on the 1st of the month (approximately two weeks after the registration deadline)

Next Registration Deadline for January Conference:
December 20th

Conference Dates - Register Now!

Click on the program below & choose your weekly day and time (all times in US Eastern Time)

JANUARY 16 - Middle School BDMUN Invitational Conference 2021-2022
JANUARY 16 - Middle School BDMUN Invitational Conference 2021-2022

JANUARY 16 - Middle School BDMUN Invitational Conference 2021-2022

FEBRUARY 20 - Middle School BDMUN Invitational Conference 2021-2022
FEBRUARY 20 - Middle School BDMUN Invitational Conference 2021-2022

FEBRUARY 20 - Middle School BDMUN Invitational Conference 2021-2022

MARCH 20 - Middle School BDMUN Invitational Conference 2021-2022
MARCH 20 - Middle School BDMUN Invitational Conference 2021-2022

MARCH 20 - Middle School BDMUN Invitational Conference 2021-2022

What is Model United Nations?

In Model United Nations, students step into the shoes of world leaders working together to solve global challenges. They represent different countries, learn how to research, practice public speaking, and grow into confident student leaders who are prepared for college and their future careers.


Why We Love Model United Nations

High School Teacher

"The Virtual MUN program has really helped our students' competence and public speaking skills. I think it will translate into good skills for them to have in the workplace tomorrow."

High School Student

"My favorite part is meeting new people and being able to engage with them in conversations about diplomacy. It's nice to have a place where you can talk to like-minded individuals and learn with them."

MUN Mentor

"It brings me such joy to see my students go from day one to our last day in class and see their improvement in public speaking and how that's raised their confidence."

Download Our Parent Guide to
Model United Nations

Learn how Model United Nations empowers teens to become
confident student leaders who are ready for college and their future careers